Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How has racial caste perpetuated in the form of mass incarceration, despite the achievements of the civil rights movement?

Racial caste is present in the form of mass incarceration primarily in the policing force. As I stated in other blog posts, policing creates crime. I really would like to put emphasis on this because I believe this is the sole basis of why black people are so unequal to white people today. Police use their implicit bias to “stop and frisk;” stopping and frisking creates a the idea that something must be dangerous about that individual. Unfortunately, it is unacceptable to make the reason bluntly that their black, and that's the problem. If that was the case, I strongly feel that this problem of white superiority to blacks could be solved because the truth is out and therefore it could be fixed. However, instead of saying the underlying cause for the “stop and frisk,” the policeman will either charge the black man for a minor crime, charge him for a crime that isn’t present, or promote shame upon him in his community just for being stopped. For those cases where the individual gets charged and sent to court, more often than not they will plead guilty to save them from the financial troubles ahead of them. By doing this, now they have a felon label. This felon label could lead to collateral consequences. These collateral consequences could be the ineligibility to participate in a jury, lack of job opportunities, societal problems, an unfair perception of them and more. All of this due to the color of skin. White people don’t face these issues, so why must black people? Mass incarceration boomed due to colorblindness, I will state my argument again like I did in previous posts, I feel this racial caste issue involving whites being superior to blacks could be solved if this issue is truly made aware by knocking down the wall of color blindness.

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